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The Differences between Hinged and Sliding Garage Doors

11/04/2013 Back To Blog

If you are thinking about replacing the door on your garage, there are a number of options which are readily available. Obviously, homeowners can express their personal preference by choosing a wood, metal or glass garage door. However, this is not the extent of the choices available. Homeowners can choose doors which have a slide hinge, roller or up and over action. They can also decide whether they would like the door function to be automated with remote controls or manually operated.The Differences between Hinged and Sliding Garage Doors

Hinged doors:

Hinged doors are the more conventional in traditional style for an opening. They are usually supplied within a pair but it is possible to have a single hinged door. Generally, the preference this type of system is for wooden barriers with a garage door hinge attached on one side.

Sliding doors:

Sliding doors work with a completely different mechanism. The doors can be constructed from a variety of materials but popular choices include metal. The mechanism utilizes a garage door track and rollers to slide open and closed. Usually the doors are made from a set of panels which are interconnected to allow bending or curving to minimize the amount of required space.

Which is best?

While the decision on which to choose is based on personal preference, you should also consider whether you wish to install a garage door opener. Sliding doors will be able to accommodate this type of system is far easier than hinged doors. You should also consider the amount of available space on your driveway. Sliding doors utilize a number of garage door parts in order to fold out of sight. Hinged doors need to swing open which restricts the space in front of the garage. Obviously, cost may play a role in deciding which is best for you. Sliding open operating systems will cost more especially when integrated with electric garage door openers. However, they will generally provide a greater degree of security and added convenience for the homeowner.



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