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Here is some accurate information for home owners. Updated FAQs for garage door repair.

Garage doors can be made from wood, steel, aluminum, and even fiberglass. Each material has its own benefits, but wood and steel doors are today’s most popular choices. If you have a question about garage doors for your home, read through this FAQ page and learn more about it!

Why is my garage door giving a noisy sound?

Your garage door may be noisy due to lack of lubricant on its moving parts and rails, including the spring. Your door should be lubricated properly to eliminate the noisy sound from your garage door. Regular check up and cleaning of the garage door parts can help avoid a noisy garage door and helps to smooth out the performance of your door.

Can I convert my garage door to have an electronic opener?

Having an electronic garage door opener is quite easy to operate especially when manual opening and closing of the door is not your kind of chore. In most cases, an electronic opener can be retrofitted to a garage door, but it is best to have your unit checked properly by our experts so that appropriate actions and recommendations for a retrofitting can be done.

How can I protect my remote from getting stolen?

Your garage opener remote is very precious and important for your security. Our company has come across homeowners, who lost their remotes from their unlocked cars. You need to keep them hidden or carry them with you, especially if you leave the car in a public space. You need to keep it in your bag because remote controls have gone missing from tables at cafes and restaurants as well.

Is it possible to install an old garage door opener on a new garage door?

Practicality is necessary especially if it involves your investment. In this case, you will most likely think about using your old garage door opener with your new door. Our garage door experts say that any door opener can be used and installed with new garage doors; but you must check first with the maker or the opener manufacturer if it complies with the government’s safety standards .If you will use the automatic door opener, make sure you will reinforce your garage door as well.

Why are wood doors not recommended for humid climates?

Wood is really sensitive to humidity and the material will soon warp if there is high level of moisture. In this case, it won't open and, most importantly, it won't close properly and you will have significant security problems. Although today most wood garage doors are processed with undercoats and special powder coat for the finishing touch, they will still cost you more in maintenance.

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