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Quick and easy garage door repairs and maintenance tips available for your reference in the posts below! Also find out more about the differences between hinged and sliding doors, whether your clicker is safe and how to eliminate noise.

Information can cost a lot these days – but not when it comes to our company. We have created this blog to share our “garage door secrets” with you, completely free – so please do not hesitate to scroll down and learn more about the secrets behind our line of business. It will be worth it for sure!

The Best Way to Secure a Garage Door

When home security is in question, holiday vacation can quickly become a nightmare. Here is the best way to secure your garage.

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Genie Opener Repair

Genie is among the leading opener manufacturers in the United States and around the globe.

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When to go for Garage Door Spring Replacement?

If the springs squeak or make a lot of noise when you operate your door, you need to check them first, as they may simply need to be lubricated.

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The Differences between Hinged and Sliding Garage Doors

While the decision on which to choose is based on personal preference, you should also consider whether you wish to install a garage door opener.

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Are Garage Remotes Safe?

You must never forget that your garage opener clicker works with batteries and batteries have a specified life cycle, too. Make sure you keep extra ones at home and in the car.

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How to Reduce the Garage Door Noise

You must apply the right portions of lubricants but make sure to check with the manual first and get high quality products.

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