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The Best Way to Secure a Garage Door

03/10/2016 Back To Blog

Boost security and have peace of mind

When home security is lax, going away on the holidays can cause major anxiety. The fear of returning to a disaster home is all too real. According to the U.S. Department of Justice’s Bureau of Justice Statistics there were 27.6 household burglary victims for every 1,000 homes in 2011. Although this is roughly 30 points less than the burglary rate in 1994, the number is startling. The total number of recorded household burglaries was over 3.3 million in 2011. That may put a damper on holiday fun, but fret not. Here is a super tip that will keep burglars at bay.The Best Way to Secure a Garage Door

Sheet metal is okay

Having a door made out of metal is okay, and installing a tamper-proof lock is great. However, you shouldn’t overlook the little slot in your track. Most garage door companies may or may not mention this tip. The little slot at the bottom of your track is manufactured to work with a pad lock. By installing a lock in the track itself, you’re preventing the door from moving. This leaves a burglar with very few entry ways. Even if the fancy lock is defeated or the emergency release handle is pulled, the door will not open until you return and remove the lock. A home burglary could happen at any time, but using this method ensures that no burglar will be breaking in through your garage. Just try not to lose the key to your lock!

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