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Garage Door Springs

“Garage Door Repair Redwood City” is an expert in both types of garage door springs and has the manpower and equipment to install and fix them. The extension springs are most commonly used for lightweight doors and can be stretched along either side of the track as the door opens and closes. Torsion springs are placed over the center above the door and they are wound springs meaning that they don't expand and contract like the extension springs do.Garage Door Springs in California

Springs contribute majorly to the effective and easy operation of your garage door since they balance its weight and lift it. Can you imagine what will happen if the springs break? You would have to manually open the door carrying all this weight to your shoulders and back! Broken torsion springs or damaged extension springs require immediate repair or replacement depending on their condition. Of course, this task is very dangerous and must not be performed by you. You must remember that springs are installed with high pressure in order to perform better and they can easily snap when you are attempting to replace them. There are, in fact, many accidents reported due to springs and many of them were fatal. Our experienced technicians have the proper tools to make the appropriate repairs and the expertise to handle extension spring repair properly.

Highly-qualified team of technicians for all spring issues

We are experts in garage door repair and know all about springs. Therefore, we can advise our clients when it's the best time to replace the torsion coil trampoline springs and carry the best tools in our vans for immediate 24 hour services. Our technicians have great knowledge of the way each mechanism works and can advise you about the right size and type of springs. We are trained to repair and maintain them and guarantee methodical techniques because we are excellent professionals and very thorough in every spring service. You can trust our efficiency because it has great experience with springs and offers 24 hour emergency services. Contact us for any information!

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